Friday, March 28, 2014

The perfect room, I only have a few additional.

Far be it from me to stay silent on this one (!) given I am a frequent travel companion of Jane's - and she hears me rant all the time! The list is looking pretty complete, so I only have a few additional. Here goes:
  • a hairdryer that works (ie NOT a wall mounted with a hose that couldn't blow out a match)
  • accessible BEDSIDE electrical outlets (ie above or on the bedside table)
  • blackout curtains.
  • lotion (why do some hotels skimp out on the body lotion?)
  • ashtray (ha! Gotcha...I'm joking of course) but it would also be nice if hotels could truly assure you that your "non-smoking room" was indeed that.
  • disposable drinking glasses (yes, we'd all prefer glass, but we know they don't get properly cleaned)
  • corkscrew (how many room service trips do they need to make before they realize it's cheaper to throw a $2 corkscrew into every room?)
I'm I'll think of more ....but for now that's it! Cool idea.
- Mary
I'm sure I've forgotten something.

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