Thursday, November 14, 2019

The Draycott Hotel, London

My room for my last night in the UK!  Doing it in style huh?
This hotel is amazing and soooo relaxing if you like the old British charm style. 

Hot chocolate happy hour in the lounge.

~ Jason

Monday, August 26, 2019

How to Check for Bed Bugs in a Hotel Room

Savvy travelers need to know how to check for bed bugs in a hotel room, no matter if they're staying a night in a rural motel or a week in a five-star resort. After all, the presence of bed bugs is "not determined by the cleanliness of the living conditions where they are found," according to the Centers for Disease Control. Here, five tips for how to check for (and deal with) bed bugs in a hotel room.
1. Do your homework before making a hotel reservation. The Travel Group will take care of this step for you!
If you're worried about bed bugs before you even check in, look up your hotel on this bed bug registry to find out if a hotel has—or has had—bed bugs. 
2. Check every inch of your bed.
The first place you should check for bed bugs is the most obvious: your hotel bed. Look along the mattress seams and zippers, under the mattress, and at each joint of the bed frame. We don't mean just lifting up one corner to look—that won't cut it. Make sure to lift up each corner of the mattress and thoroughly check for signs. Wondering what bed bugs look like? Measuring only four to five millimeters, they're the size of a standard pearl. They have flat, oval-shaped red or brown bodies, complete with tiny legs and antenna. Since bed bugs typically come out at night, keep a lookout for other tell-tale traces of their presence such as blood (ew, we know) and/or tiny white bed bug eggs about the size of a mustard seed or grain of sand.
3. Don't stop at the bed—check the carpet and furniture as well.
According to the CDC, bed bugs generally live within eight feet of where you sleep. So check for the same bed bug signs along zippers and covers of the in-room sofa and chairs next. 
4. Keep your suitcase on a luggage rack far from the bed.
A word to the wise: Don't throw your suitcase on the bed or the floor while you're in the process of searching for bed bugs. If bed bugs are present, tossing the suitcase on the floor is an open invitation for them to climb aboard. While you're making sure the coast is clear, use the luggage rack or place your suitcase on a hard surface, like a table, to minimize your risk of attracting bed bugs.
5. Request to change rooms.
If you suspect bed bugs after any of these steps, tell the hotel front desk immediately and ask to be moved to a different room—specifically, one that isn't directly above, below, or next to the room you're currently in, Rentokil suggests.

Thursday, November 8, 2018

Downtown Philadelphia

I really like this hotel right in the Gayborhood of Philadelphia!

It has images of cute bunnies everywhere. The rooms are very nice and modern.

This city still keeps its older buildings and has a lot of character because of that. I always enjoy my once a year visit here around this time even if it is a brief 1 night stopover.

@ Fairfield Inn & Suites Philadelphia Downtown/Center City

Friday, September 28, 2018

Element Hotel, Burnaby BC

September 2018

I did a tour of Element hotel in Burnaby.
Located by Metrotown, the hotel is surrounded by lots of shopping and dining options.

Element hotel targets extended stay guest which is why many of their studio/suites have a full size kitchen. All of their rates include complimentary breakfast and free Wi-Fi.

The hotel is very eco friendly. Their flooring is made of recyclable materials, they use soap dispensers instead of little bottles in every room.

They have appy hour everyday from 5pm to 7pm which serves complimentary appetizers and alcohol for purchase (picture above is the area where it is held). I think this is a great added value. They have a great patio where guest can socialize and even have a barbeque that guest can use to make dinners.

They do have a couple of meeting rooms and 2 ball rooms as well so a good option for corporate clients too.

Overall this is a great hotel for clients looking to stay in Burnaby!

~ Heena, The Travel Group 

Thursday, August 2, 2018

How to properly tip hotel staff

There are two types of people in the world: Those who tip well and those who don't. You know which one you are.

But thanks to all the confusing tipping situations that exist, even well-intentioned tippers can appear cheap. That’s especially true at hotels, where you could easily interact with a dozen staff members in a day, all with different but important roles dedicated to ensuring you have a comfortable stay.

Fortunately, the American Hotel and Lodging Association put together a handy tipping guide for all hotel services. Here’s a look at how to properly tip hotel staff so you don’t end up looking like a jerk. Read more.


Thursday, July 19, 2018

Pop up Hotels

Here’s an alternative to both a hotel and an Airbnb: a pop-up hotel.

That’s the concept that startup WhyHotel has introduced to Washington, D.C., and Baltimore and hopes to expand across the country.

Last year, WhyHotel began operating these pop-up hotels within newly-built luxury rental apartment buildings that have yet to lease out all their units.

Once a building is completed, it can take a year or two to fill up. WhyHotel has swooped in to offer owners the ability to make money off their empty units.

Guests, in turn, can enjoy amenities of the apartment. Some, such as pools, gyms or dry-cleaning services, might even overlap with services offered at a hotel.

“We’re blurring the line between hospitality and home,” says Jason Fudin, WhyHotel’s CEO. “It’s a home experience, but the service is akin to that of traditional hospitality.”

Tuesday, June 12, 2018

The world's most exclusive hotels

Starting the list off at #1 is: 

The Brando Resort, Tahiti
Bought by Hollywood actor Marlon Brando in 1967, this private island located on the Tetiaroa atoll features 35 upscale but eco-friendly villas with their own pool and direct beach access.

Would be Cathy's personal favorites:
Fogo Island Inn, Newfoundland, Canada
Set on a cliff on a remote island off the coast of Newfoundland, this boutique hotel boasts a gym, a wood-fired sauna, rooftop hot tubs, a cinema and an art gallery.

Sleeping under the start in the Desert a once in a lifetime experience. 
Scarabeo Stone Desert Camp, Marrakech, Morocco 
One of Morocco's most beautiful tented camps, Scarabeo has the same level of luxury as any hotel in Marrakech or the High Atlas, despite being based in the middle of the Agafay Desert.

Something close to home (Vancouver)
Las Alcobas, a Luxury Collection Hotel, Napa Valley, California, USA 
Open since 2017, Las Alcobas is the only hotel to claim a place among the vines, sitting literally within the historic Beringer vineyards.

Read the complete list on cnn travel: